Hola-Baby in English

Childhood is a period of life made of dreams and imagination. It’s a period in which children need to grow up in playful environnement where they create, dream, imagine, draw, paint and play.

Our trilingual day nurseries offer the possibility to children from 2 month to 6 years to grow up with foreign languages and different culture

Our teams in each of our day nurseries help children to discover words, music, songs and culinary dishes in the 3 languages in which children grow up everyday.

Celebration with magic themes and once a year american graduation allow HOLA BABY’s children to be rewarded for all the progress they have made during the year.

Our day nurseries are welcoming and we are a family group. We listen to the parents and we try to understand their needs.

Children’s needs is the most important for us.

2 new nurseries will open in East of France in 2017 and 2018.

Just as our babies,our group wants to grow up in France, DOM-TOM and abroad.We would like to find people, help them to realize their project and become their own boss.

If you want a place in our day nurseries where your children and you can live a beautiful experience.

If you want to work in our original group or become a futur partner, contact us by phone or mail!

See you soon !